Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blog statistics

I have been looking at my blog statistics today and thought it may be very interesting for you (as it was interesting for me) to see where my blog readers come from!
The darker shading indicates higher levels of readers I believe:

As you can see, the majority of readers are from North America! That's amazing!
Those who are from North America please say hi! I want to know who you are! :)
I also have a few readers from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia!
Please say hi as well and tell me where you're from! Perhaps we could get better acquainted!
I am also getting quite a few readers from, I think, England? Am I right? That's pretty amazing! You guys should say hi too!
So, please leave a comment and tell me where your from, say a little 'hi' and maybe I could visitor your blog if you have one!
xoxo Bella

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 reasons I get up in the morning

  1. because I love mornings, they are my favorite part of the day
  2. to breath in the fresh air from outside
  3. to open up my window and blinds to filter in the sunlight
  4. because my kitten curls up in a ball beside me and she is irresistible
  5. to make myself a cup of black tea with a few drops of milk and two sugars
  6. to check my emails and blogger
  7. to write a list of what I am going to do today
  8. to find a good book to read/read the book I am currently reading
  9. go to the loo
  10. check if my parents are awake



And my favourite:


P.S Sorry for the lousiness of no posting. I hope I can keep the posts up!
P.P.S If you have any suggestions/questions you want to ask me/reviews you want me to do leave a comment!
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Favorite songs of the moment

For your own entertainment!
(all of these are on repeat!)

(unfortunately this would not embed:
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leukemia Ward

Today I went to the Leukemia Ward at my local children's hospital to hand out Easter Eggs collected by my school.
The children there are so sick and yet they try to be happy just for the visitors.
It's almost as if their souls shine out as their body goes through hard times.
I ask you all to pray for all the sick children in the world who need the help of Christ in their lives.
Also, reach out wherever you can.


These photos are all from my sisters keeper, which is one of the saddest movies I have ever seen.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Craft project 3: Embroidered Rainy Scene

Hi and welcome back to another fabulous day of craftiness!
Today you'll be making a beautiful scene of a cloud, rain and sunshine.
Hopefully this will encourage you to think of the positive, like:
"Oh, there is ALWAYS sunshine after the rain!".

Today you'll need:

  • wooden embroidery hoop (you will also use this for the frame, so paint it a different color if you want it to stand out!!!)
  • good quality calico (preferably cream or white but I guess blue would do)
  • blue, gold/yellow and white embroidery thread (I'm using a bright blue (number DMC 3845) and a yellow (number 725))
  • pincushion WITH pins
  • sewing and paper scissors
  • gold or silver shiny fabric for the cloud
  • needles
  • this easily downloadable pattern (I'm afraid there is only a cloud, you'll have to invent your own scene for individuality! that's the challenge!)
What to do:

*I advise you to have a read through before going ahead, it will get you familiar with what you're working with!*
Also, this is only a simple set of instructions. You can adapt on it in any way, like making your cloud different colors, or stuffing it for some examples! Oh, or you could make it have a cute kawaii face?

loosen the embroidery hoop, take the middle hoop out, fit your fabric (calico) in, put the inside hoop back in and tighten the hoop!

print out the cloud and cut out using your paper scissors. if you use your fabric scissors on paper, you will make the edges blunt. after cutting it out, pin it onto your sparkly silver or gold fabric

and now cut THIS out!!!. pin onto your calico

embroider around the outside. a suggestion to make it even more fabradical is to sew it with sparkly silver or gold thread for the added 'positive silver lining' touch

when finished take the pins out and say to yourself, "tada!". get your yellow/gold embroidery thread out and embroider your sun (and your rays if you feel like it. I also added a cute little smiley face!)

now grab your blue embroidery thread and sew some pretty, long raindrops! i am also going to put some sequins on now as well!

Now you are finished!!!!

By cerfchouette
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

crafty projects

I'm afraid I may not be able to do a whole month of daily craft projects for you.
I have advertised and yet nobody will guest post unfortunately.
I am a working young lady now, and that takes up my time.
I wish to make all my readers happy, and yet I cannot make myself happy.... simply because having to make crafty projects for you every day, for a month with hardly any responses from you means that it makes me a bit stressy!
Sorry for you all, I know of only two people out there who are reading this, both who are looking forward to this wonderful month of craftiness. My apologies, dear friends.
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Craft project 2: Collaged envelopes

Welcome again to another day of crafty challenges!
You are welcomed to participate in todays crafty challenge:

Collaged envelopes!

I often make these for friends, especially those who live overseas.
These special decorations are beautiful gifts for others (if you make a pack) and also great for a special surprise! All your friends will be like, "wow, I wonder where she/he bought this from??"

Ok, so here's the basics


  • downloaded, printed and cut out copy of an envelope template
  • paper
  • stickers
  • thread
  • double sided tape
  • fabric
  • sewing machine (if you want to sew your envelope together)
  • ideas (from here) (this book is great for ideas too!)
  • art markers (felt tip pens, pencils and fine tipped pens)
What to do

  1. Get your materials ready! I used an old flimsy cartoon that I got at lifeline, my Cath Kidston stickers and all sorts of other things!

2.Stick down all your elements, trace out the envelope and cut!!!

3. I advise you all to stick one piece of paper on to another if the first was flimsy (remember it has to go through those custom things).

4. Now fold and stick your sides together and admire your work! Of course, it would be a great idea to send it someone special too!

Today's post was by cerfchouette
Thanks for making today's project! Tomorrow there will be a completely knew one to try out! If you have taken any amazing photographs of todays project or if you have not already joined, please join my flickr group!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

craft project 1: Raindrop garland

Yay! The big project I've been planning is finally starting!
If you haven't joined it yet, please do so through commenting and adding yourself to my flickr group, where we'll discuss and post up pictures of your craft a day fun! Unfortunately, I haven't received many helping bloggers to do a guest post for me. So I am having to do a month of crafty projects by myself. If you would like to do a blog post (I'm needing some people to do one while I'm on Easter holidays) please leave a comment and I will email you! Thanks!

Craft a day project 1: Raindrop Garland
By cerfchouette


  • paper
  • raindrop template
  • scissors
  • double-sided tape
  • ribbons and decorations
  • sewing machine
  • bobbin
  • thread


1. prepare materials:

2. Cut out the shapes and pin onto fabric and/or paper. You will need one shape for the front and back, unless you've got double sided paper

3. Cut out the shapes from the materials

4. Sew in a straight line down the center to create a bunting, leaving gaps in between to put ribbon etc. onto it
5. Once you're done, add flourishes of your own creativity, such as cute embroidered faces, ribbons, buttons, sparkles -- whatever takes your fancy!

written by cerfchouette
Now just go ahead and try to make this creatively! Post up your pictures on my flickr group (scroll up for the link!)

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