Monday, September 19, 2011

Holidays are...

  • staying up late watching Julie and Julia
  • waking up at 8am
  • staying in bed 'till 9:30am
  • mastering gf pancakes
  • eating breakfast at 10am

    squares made today: 3
    total squares: 27
    squares needed: 48
    squares to go: 21
    So... I am on my way again!
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      Sunday, September 18, 2011

      quilt update

      yes, I'm back on track!
      I'm making my quilt again!

      squares made today: 6
      total squares: 24
      squares needed: 48
      squares to go: 24

      woohoo I've hit the half way mark! Better keep up with the suffolk puff making!
      xoxo Bella
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      Saturday, September 17, 2011

      I ♥ holidays!!

      Yes, you guessed it. It's finally summer holidays!
      After one of the most stressful and emotional school terms of my life, I am finally here.
      I have my goals set straight. No more stressing. Just fun: crafting, shopping and spending time with my friends.
      Yes, I have three assignments to do over the holidays. But hey - I have two weeks to scribble some notes down and do some research - it shouldn't be so hard!
      Here are some fun pictures to get you into the holiday spirit:







      I hope I can get my blog into business again!

      xoxo Bella
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