Saturday, April 2, 2011

Craft project 2: Collaged envelopes

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Welcome again to another day of crafty challenges!
You are welcomed to participate in todays crafty challenge:

Collaged envelopes!

I often make these for friends, especially those who live overseas.
These special decorations are beautiful gifts for others (if you make a pack) and also great for a special surprise! All your friends will be like, "wow, I wonder where she/he bought this from??"

Ok, so here's the basics


  • downloaded, printed and cut out copy of an envelope template
  • paper
  • stickers
  • thread
  • double sided tape
  • fabric
  • sewing machine (if you want to sew your envelope together)
  • ideas (from here) (this book is great for ideas too!)
  • art markers (felt tip pens, pencils and fine tipped pens)
What to do

  1. Get your materials ready! I used an old flimsy cartoon that I got at lifeline, my Cath Kidston stickers and all sorts of other things!

2.Stick down all your elements, trace out the envelope and cut!!!

3. I advise you all to stick one piece of paper on to another if the first was flimsy (remember it has to go through those custom things).

4. Now fold and stick your sides together and admire your work! Of course, it would be a great idea to send it someone special too!

Today's post was by cerfchouette
Thanks for making today's project! Tomorrow there will be a completely knew one to try out! If you have taken any amazing photographs of todays project or if you have not already joined, please join my flickr group!

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Bianca J said...

Gorgeous! Love this project Bella! I wish I could join in but this is a big uni and work month and I know I'd fail! Am so excited to see your daily craft projects! Do you have a list you're working from or are you just making them spontaneously each day? Your blog looks beauteous too! x

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