Sunday, April 3, 2011

Craft project 3: Embroidered Rainy Scene

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Hi and welcome back to another fabulous day of craftiness!
Today you'll be making a beautiful scene of a cloud, rain and sunshine.
Hopefully this will encourage you to think of the positive, like:
"Oh, there is ALWAYS sunshine after the rain!".

Today you'll need:

  • wooden embroidery hoop (you will also use this for the frame, so paint it a different color if you want it to stand out!!!)
  • good quality calico (preferably cream or white but I guess blue would do)
  • blue, gold/yellow and white embroidery thread (I'm using a bright blue (number DMC 3845) and a yellow (number 725))
  • pincushion WITH pins
  • sewing and paper scissors
  • gold or silver shiny fabric for the cloud
  • needles
  • this easily downloadable pattern (I'm afraid there is only a cloud, you'll have to invent your own scene for individuality! that's the challenge!)
What to do:

*I advise you to have a read through before going ahead, it will get you familiar with what you're working with!*
Also, this is only a simple set of instructions. You can adapt on it in any way, like making your cloud different colors, or stuffing it for some examples! Oh, or you could make it have a cute kawaii face?

loosen the embroidery hoop, take the middle hoop out, fit your fabric (calico) in, put the inside hoop back in and tighten the hoop!

print out the cloud and cut out using your paper scissors. if you use your fabric scissors on paper, you will make the edges blunt. after cutting it out, pin it onto your sparkly silver or gold fabric

and now cut THIS out!!!. pin onto your calico

embroider around the outside. a suggestion to make it even more fabradical is to sew it with sparkly silver or gold thread for the added 'positive silver lining' touch

when finished take the pins out and say to yourself, "tada!". get your yellow/gold embroidery thread out and embroider your sun (and your rays if you feel like it. I also added a cute little smiley face!)

now grab your blue embroidery thread and sew some pretty, long raindrops! i am also going to put some sequins on now as well!

Now you are finished!!!!

By cerfchouette


call me Rondy... said...

So gorgeous! I love that you added sequins to the raindrops :D

Wildmage said...

That is so lovely, great idea :)
See you soon

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