Friday, April 1, 2011

craft project 1: Raindrop garland

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Yay! The big project I've been planning is finally starting!
If you haven't joined it yet, please do so through commenting and adding yourself to my flickr group, where we'll discuss and post up pictures of your craft a day fun! Unfortunately, I haven't received many helping bloggers to do a guest post for me. So I am having to do a month of crafty projects by myself. If you would like to do a blog post (I'm needing some people to do one while I'm on Easter holidays) please leave a comment and I will email you! Thanks!

Craft a day project 1: Raindrop Garland
By cerfchouette


  • paper
  • raindrop template
  • scissors
  • double-sided tape
  • ribbons and decorations
  • sewing machine
  • bobbin
  • thread


1. prepare materials:

2. Cut out the shapes and pin onto fabric and/or paper. You will need one shape for the front and back, unless you've got double sided paper

3. Cut out the shapes from the materials

4. Sew in a straight line down the center to create a bunting, leaving gaps in between to put ribbon etc. onto it
5. Once you're done, add flourishes of your own creativity, such as cute embroidered faces, ribbons, buttons, sparkles -- whatever takes your fancy!

written by cerfchouette
Now just go ahead and try to make this creatively! Post up your pictures on my flickr group (scroll up for the link!)

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K8 said...

OOOOhhhh So Pretty!!! My Goodness Yesterday I took a photo of myself exactly like that one at the end!!!

My computer with my photos of my camera is at a computer repair place because it had a virus:(

xox K8

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