Monday, December 19, 2011

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... that might be of interest to you.
This blog has had 10,948 page views {in all time}
To me that seems like a rather large number, perhaps I should organize something for you once I hit the 11,000 mark... any suggestions?
My most popular {and enjoyed?} post of all time is: 

I &heart; vintage bedrooms!

The country in which I receive most of my views is the United States, with 21 views! Canada and the UK tie with 5 views, and Algeria {!!!} comes in close third with 4 views! The Ukraine {!!!!!!!!!} and South Africa tie with 2 views and Australia, Finland {!!!}, Morocco {!!!!!!} and Malaysia {!!!} tie with 1 view. WOW!

The most popular browser is Chrome {yay! my browser!}with 43%, Internet explorer {you should change to chrome} with 31%, Safari with 20%, and Firefox and Opera with a wee little 2%...

And would you look at this:
Someone is being OH SO technology-savvy and using their Ipad and BlackBerry to view my blog! That gives me wee little butterflies! ooooh :) Thanks whoever is currently doing so! I hope it is working for you? I am no such techno-savvy little lady and would love to be informed on how to improve my blog. Perhaps the first is to post more often? Sorry for the wait.... I simply post when something intrigues me. I think "surely readers can't be bothered reading if nothing is interesting enough?"

Well, that's it for today. I hope to post soon with some more crafty goodness and some recipes to keep you fed physically and crafty-lly!

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