Monday, December 19, 2011

10 crafty projects to keep you occupied this holiday season

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Well hello dear bloggy friends,
I have a strange feeling we're coming close to yet another Christmas season and yet another new year. Phew, where did last year even GO? I have only 2 more years of school to complete until I am a uni student woohoo!
So, in other words, here's some awesome crafty goodness for you to occupy yourself with!

1. DIY: Hello Sandwiches' gift wrapping video 
2. DIY: Hello Sandwiches' confetti bow that I thought I could make into a hair tie or a brooch
3. INSPIRE: Hello Sandwiches' cute pillow that I thought I could replicate
4. INSPIRE: StudioByTheForest's Woodland Hedgehog Porcelain Ring Holder that I thought I could replicate using paper clay
5. INSPIRE: *ribonita & chocolat*'s awesomely snuggly The Three Cute Friends that I have already replicated and will soon laminate for book marks
6. DIY: The Dainty Squid's sweater clips that I really want to make sometime!
7. INSPIRE: Tabitha Emma's Moustache George that I would love to replicate sometime and call him Edgarby
8. INSPIRE: Pip Studio's wee little bird houses that I would love to make
9. DIY: The Dainty Squid's Simple Triangle Nails
10. DIY: Ruffles and Roses' Summer Of Skirts Waistband Bow Skirt Tutorial

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