Friday, November 18, 2011


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Dearest friends,
You would be surprised at all the things I did while I have had my holiday from writing here!
This such as a fine birthday, a dandy birthday gathering and a big annual awards ceremony at my school. My birthday was lovely, I received so many gifts! I will try my absolute best to make all the thank you cards over the weekend! My dandy birthday gathering was lovely also, we went to a nice park which was a sanctuary for Australian trees, and I hung some beautiful bauble-y things from the trees as well as streamers and buntings! I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did! The annual awards ceremony was such a big day, rehearsals up until perhaps 6pm and then the ceremony finally began at 6:30, in which I received my Religious Values Education and Christian Living Award! Thank you everyone for your support!
xoxo Bella

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