Friday, May 27, 2011

Imagining: The eddying stream

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The clouds drifted apart, leaving holes in which the sun could filter through and catch the dewdrops carefully stationed on the tips of the leaves of the amphitheater above my angelic head.
Wandering down a well-worn path, I can hear the trickling of a stream of Eden beside me, it whispers in a gurgling, foreign language that only the water sprites can understand. This, in essence, comforts me and brings life to the very depths of my soul.
I realize how flood-ridden my surroundings are, and wonder whether I am the first of my kind to wonder along this path. I think of whether, many moons past, a fairy, a goblin or some dinosaur-like creature frolicked along the same path I did.
A roughly attired fallen tree sits stubbornly in my path, he has welcomed the comfort of life from those mushrooms that have now taken residence in his dying limbs. Sitting atop a sturdy branch is a mythical cat, who looks at me carefully. It mews studiously as I carefully approach it, however, once I am a meter from it's mystical body, it elopes into the bushes without every saying a word regarding my presence.

What are your imaginings?

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