Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Imaginings number 2: Flowers, mademoiselle?

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Just because I can't give you all Gerberas in person!
Sorry for the fuzziness of the first photo!!

Imagine you go to a gathering, and it's raining.
You hold your violin in your left hand, hoping the dampness of your case won't damage the humidity levels and make your violin go out of tune.
After eating yummy bought sweeties from a sweet stall, your friend's mother rushes up to you and gives you a....
pretty, vibrant, non-smelly gerbera!!!
You say a big thank you!
And yet, after a long day of holding your gerbera and talking to other fellow gatherers, you realize that the top of your gerbera has broken from the stalk! OH NO!!!
But when you get home, your gerbera is a happy little thing because it's in a happy little room with happy little people.

Remember, it's almost April!!!
What's in April I here you say?
My new project!!!! I'm still waiting on replies from bloggers who would like to write a guest post, if you're interested leave me a comment pretty please!!!

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