Friday, February 18, 2011

THE "daily craft" project

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So, I was thinking.
Maybe it would be a good idea to get my readers and perhaps even myself to do one craft project per day. No rewards from me, just happy smiles and a place in my flickr group.
To start off, I've made a little blog banner-y thing that I guess if your snazzy you could put up onto your blog...

To make this I used:
1. tape strips via
2. sequins also via
3. old fashioned picture frame via

All I ask you to do is sign up in the comments with your email (so that I can send you newsletters to my post just in case you don't have blogger), tell all your friends (joking! I mean... you still can...), and join my group on flickr so that you can post pictures of your completed projects! I aim to have some special guest writers on here from some of my favorite blogs (surprises for later!) so keep posted! (You can join and quit anytime)

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