Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book Review: The Understudy’s Revenge by Sophie Masson

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Romance, comedy, murder and mystery are magically intertwined in this heart-wrenching novel. In the limited amount of 150 words or less, it is hard to describe the detailed weaving of multiple stories that the author, Sophie Masson, has used to write her novel. I am disappointed to admit that the beginning of the book dragged on for ages. It was like eating a flowery apple, you take your first bite and you‘re afraid it won’t get better. For the sake of this review, I read on. By the end of the seventh chapter, however, my heart started to flutter uneasily and my breath got stuck in my throat. It was getting too good to put down. I finished it that night. Please, for the sake of a hearty-lamb-roast-like novel, keep on reading until the plot hits you like a spine-crushing brick wall.

Rating: Awesome, BC Recommended for book club

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