Saturday, December 25, 2010

What I received for Christmas

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Dear readers,
I had such a good day. We opened our stockings (which mum + I made last night) and then attended Church, according to my faith, then came the presents. I gave my dad a dutch pancake maker which he was ecstatic about, and I received this amazing Ipod docking station:

I also received a beautiful 'Pride and Prejudice' like wicker bike basket that just pops on, which I helped carry some food and gifts to my Aunt + Uncle's house across the park.
Well, I've had the most wonderful Christmas, hope you did too! Feel free to leave me a comment and tell me all the things you received!

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K8 said...

Very cool if you look on my blog I got ( bought myself) a dock for Chrissy too - does yours have an alarm clock with songs of your choice? I wanted one that did that like Rachel Berry's in Vitamin D but it was a no go :( Happy New Year !

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