Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday (one day late)

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Today I'm going to talk all about terrariums!
This video shows very delicately how to create a beautiful light bulb terrarium, however I don't have a light bulb this big, hands that strong, tweezers that long or a workspace that engaging! So, I have decided I may not try this...

But it has got me thinking of how I can make a terrarium of my own. I've been looking through the house of glass containers, jars etc. I could use to make my own. I found an old fish tank that would look nice, but to try out my planting skills I started off with a jam jar. Unfortunately, I don;t have any photos of myself doing it, but if you could bare with my words perhaps you could make one yourself?

Jam Jar Terrariums

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  1. Look around your garden for some moss. You will find moss in shady and moist parts of your garden, in crevices, nooks and crannies.
  2. Get a small shovel and dig a handful of moss from the ground, with heaps of soil underneath. Don't have too much, it has to fit inside your jam jar.
  3. Wriggle all the little weeds from it that you don't want, and check the soil for anything that mite contaminate it if you found it in the city (like cigarette buds).
  4. If your dirt isn't moist, gently spray it with water.
  5. Pile the dirt on the bottom of your jam jar, and heap the moss over it. Now would be the time to put little plants in your moss. Do so by sticking your finger gently through the moss and snuggling the roots in the damp soil.
  6. You should be done now, so gently put your lid on the top. I actually put my moss on top of my lid and put the jar over the top, but this didn't work despite what others told me, because the lid didn't screw on,
Finish off your terrarium with decorations such as miniature plastic deers. I am making two toadstools at the moment out of clay to stick inside, which will have a wire between them and miniature clothes hanging off it.... It's meant to be a tiny gnome washing line! Make sure you spray your moss every day.

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Felicity said...

This is such an awesome idea! I'll have to remember to look for moss when Spring comes.

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