Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekend project: I ♥ clouds

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Good morning (those who are Australian) and good evening those who are not....
I am presenting you this weekends craft challenge:

I know, I know. Clouds may seem boring. I mean, we see them every day right?
Well, lets make them a bit more crafty. A bit more inspirational.

Ok. So if you're having some troubles, here's what I did:

Stuffed clouds
(can be used as a brooch, hairpin, cushion or mobile)

You will need:
  • cardboard or hard paper
  • scissors (paper and fabric)
  • white felt
  • white embroidery string
  • multicolored embroidery string (optional)
  • beads (optional)
  • tough string (optional)
How to make it:

  • draw up your pattern (this will just be a basic cloud picture) onto cardboard, hard paper or just plain paper
  • cut it out with your paper scissors
  • pin or hold onto your white felt
  • cut two pieces out
  • (optional: if you want to embroidery a pattern on your cloud, do so now)
  • align the two felt fabric pieces together, and stitch around the outside
  • make sure you leave a whole for the stuffing (and, optional: for some string to go through, if you want it to be a mobile)
  • stuff the stuffing inside (optional: and string)
  • sew up the gap
  • (optional: if you want to make it a brooch, sew a brooch pin on the back. if you want it to be a hair clip, sew a bobby pin or plain clip on the back. easy!)
  • now you're done!
Show me what you came up with this weekend!
Please feel free to post a picture of it in my flickr group:

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