Tuesday, September 14, 2010

good news

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Did I forget to tell you that in just 3 more days I will be on holidays?
Yahoo! I'm so exited, I am absolutely sick of school and I don't have any more strength to keep going. But, what does keep me going is the fact that soon I will have all the time I want for what I want to do!
I have so many craft things to do, I need to finish a cushion I am making for my friend's birthday, and my quilt and the doll I am making.
But, here are some suggestions for you!

How to make a sheep out of a knitting square!

Faux leather (ahem vinyl) Hair accessories

A duo of macarons (not macaroons)

envelope it (a tutorial)

Keep reading to see what else I get up to in my spare time, and what other projects I end up doing!

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Karima Illustration said...

Oh des Macaraons!! Jadore! I love making macarons! I work in a bakery, and I do a lot of macarons in every colors and flavour! :)

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