Wednesday, September 22, 2010


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I went out to buy some wool (for felting).
I got really hot inside and outside the shop, and my body became unaccustomed to the heat.
I started to feel like I usually do if I don't eat for a while (faint), but when I went to buy some food I had to sit down. Mum was there (luckily) to help me, but I had to lie down in the middle of the shopping center on a couchy-seat. And cry.... I was so embarrassed!
We walked in about 5 meter sections until we finally reached Shingle Inn (my favorite gluten-free cafe). Once I got there I started to shake (Louisa you know what that's like), and I thought I may have my second really bad panic attack. Luckily it went away when I (again) lay down on the couch.
Life's a real mystery isn't it?

P.S: Still needing some help with vintage stores in Central Brisbane! Any ideas?
(I need them by tomorrow... I'm going out shopping!!! Maybe I can find some owl things or cute fabrics?)


K8 said...

awwww poor u that would be soo embarasssng !! good thing you were with your mum and not shopping with some of us !!!!

handmade romance said...

gee this doesnt sound like fun at all. hope you are all right and get to the bottom of the mystery x

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