Thursday, September 9, 2010

Battle wounds

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I was home sick today, which I found a very lucky coincidence because, at around midday, my lovely kitten Minoes ran through the door looking battered. We think she was tuck in something and tried to get out. She was very scared and hid underneath my mother's bed. I don't think it hurt her very much because she didn't mind being held, moved around or touched in her bear and scratched areas. We took her to the vet and luckily she had no internal injuries, but we knew she was trying to escape from being trapped somewhere because her claws are ragged.
We bought her a new feather toy (KATE: like the one I bought while we went shopping that she has now fully eaten). She seems fine, but we have to put some antiseptic kind of cream on her ear because she can't lick it clean. She will have a few days indoors to make sure she's fine, and she's had an injection to keep her healthy.
I am so glad she's OK.


Bianca J said...

Aww, I'm so glad your kitty was okay! Do you know what she got stuck in or if some kind of animal scratched her? One of our cats gets into fights quite often and even though she's small she always comes back in looking like she won the fight. My boyfriend says if they have scratches on their face and none on their back/behind it means they won the fight, lol.

Thank you for the comment by the way - my hands aren't hideous, they're just not very pretty, ha. My mum calls them 'doing hands' - they're good for doing things and look like they've done a lot of work, but they're not pretty hands.

Also, I think you commented me recently back about me being gluten free - I have recently stopped eating it (it's been about a month). It's something I knew I should have done years ago, but I didn't think I could live without it. I am feeling so much better already. Now as well as being a vegetarian and being gluten-free, I have a dairy sensitivity so soon I won't be able to eat anything! I'm having fun baking with gluten free flour and getting gluten free pasta and cereal and generally I'm not finding it too difficult, though a little pricey. My boyfriend has stopped eating gluten too, so I don't have to sit there and feel jealous while he eats all kinds of glutenous foods.

K8 said...

i agree, glad she has new toy like the one we bought at I.o shopping town , GET WELL SOON MINOUES!!!

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