Sunday, August 22, 2010

Strawberry season

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winter. getting up to the sound of my cats meowing. sleeping cuddled up with tons of blankets. early mornings, late nights. violin sounds. expressive piano playing. God's hand on our family. and big, juicy strawberries. oh, winter, will you stay another year?

By the way, thanks for all of you who have participated in my blog poll.
If you haven't, scroll up the page until you find the bar underneath the header and click the page called 'blog poll'
I will try and take your wants for this blog in hand and make it much more fun for all of you!
Any more suggestions?

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Bianca J said...

YARM! Those strawberries look amazing. I loved your list of Winter things atop this post. It set such a lovely picture. Should have a letter for you soon (I am so behind!)!

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