Tuesday, July 13, 2010


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Hey guys,
Just warning you that I will be busy for the next couple of months due to my attendance at school.
So be warned, (and please don't be angry with me) I will be a boring blob of mess most of the time... and grumpy. Lets hope the teachers will be considerate to me this term!

On a lighter note, let me leave you with some little inspirations, photos and things I found this past week or so:

Cats and Ladders

Aren't they just lovely? I really like flicker.

The bike my Papa wants to buy! (I wouldn't mind having a ride either!!!)

I'm really fond of woven bike baskets, this one via here for $50.00

And this bike I love...

Bids going on Ebay if you live in Australia: here

Well, wasn't that a big post? I guess it's time I go now! I guarantee you that I won't be posting such big posts once school gets busy! :) But be glad you have one to entertain you now!!

xoxo Bella

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