Monday, June 21, 2010

Yesterday hurt

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The first picture is the best...
It is not just a plain ink splodge by the way!
Well, yesterday was a bit scary. To say the least. Ok, so here is how it happened. I was drawing in my art journal when I heard that my favourite programme, Merlin, was on TV. I rushed by drawing so quickly that somehow I stabbed my Artline pen into my hand. It just dangled from my hand. It hurt so much. Then I took it out (obviously) and started to cry. Ugh, I am such a sad little wimp. We tried to get the ink out my making it bleed, but it didn't really work. Now my skin is puffy around the wound and my finger hurts. Also, the skin is tinged grey. It's really weird. Does anybody have any answers or worries?
Ok, I'll finish the post off with a nice little bunch of photographs I took yesterday, shall I?


K8 said...

Its like a minnty tatooo my mum has 1 from a pencil in grade 3 its wicked cool!

Bella said...

haha that's awesome! I hope mine won't stay there forever... it hurts to type!

Wildmage said...

It looks very cool but I feel sorry for your hand

K8 said...

lol check out my blog at :
did you watch merlin soooooo romantice marry me arthur !!!! xox K8

Bella said...

awww thanks Wildmage Lou!

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