Monday, June 7, 2010

Much Love Monday - 7/06/2010

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savour the moment, this day
it will only occur once
it will make history
what will you do to make history today?
what will people remember YOU for?


muchlove said...

Hi Bella,

Not sure if you read my answer in the comments, but you can read more about the Slow Readers Book Club and how to join here:


lady luff said...

I think I would like to be remembered as the girl with an excellent collection of hats. Just to be remembered would be nice, I think!

I really love the image of the girl/owl! I printed it off and stuck it to my corkboard for inspiration.

Are you looking for any penpals at the moment? Because I'd love to start a correspondence with you! Swing by my blog or email me at if you're interested.


Bella said...

Reply to Anna:

Oh thank you!

Bianca J said...

You might have already seen it, but here is a swap that's running lately that I thought you might be interested in :)

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