Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lovely Ladies volume one!

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Thanks to she waits for whispers blog, I am going to start a little Lovely Ladies post talking about all of the wonderful lovely ladies I have met in my life! Today I am going to talk about my mum!

Here is a picture of my wonderful mum: (one that you cannot recognise so that stalkers can't find her!:) love you mum)

So there she is, holding a yummy pomegranate. This is one of the only photographs that I have of her because we never take any photos of her... sad...

Anyway, my mum is the most special mum in the world (maybe should be voted for that one day?) because of all the work she has done. Honestly, I would think that she is holding the whole world on her shoulders. Ok, so here it goes:

Ten years ago, when I was 4 1/2 (not forty one, but four and a half) my mum had my little sister. We already knew she wouldn't be exactly normal, but when the doctors said she would only live for another week we were all horrified. Luckily, the doctors were wrong and she is still living strong today. But every year, my mum has to go through something else that is awful, like my sister having to go to hospital with a chest infection, seizure activity, and an anaesthetic to get her teeth brushed... (that's a funny one) But every time MUM has to stay in the hospital (she doesn't ever get any sleep 'cause they have the air-conditioning on at around -20 degrees, (well... not really!) and the bed's uncomfortable. (Here is where a defence wall comes up. My father does amazing stuff too, he visits her every morning and night-time and all day on the weekend, but he still has to work through the day). BTW: my sister has epilepsy and micro-lisensephely (her brain shrunk when she was in my mum womb and stuff)... but that's just a guess. She's the only person in the world with her condition.

Then, 7 and a half years ago, my other sister was born. She never got on well with this world, and when she was one year, one month and one day old God called her back to stay with her. :) She is my guardian angel. She, too, had the same condition as my other sister.

Now, mum has some sort of chronic fatigue (fibromialgia) because she doesn't sleep through the night, due to my sister's seizure activity. My dad doesn't get a good sleep, and sometimes my sister wakes me up with her breathing, but that's life, hey!!!!

My mum is still going strong, I love her so much, and maybe you can come to appreciate her as much as I do. Sorry for that long story! :) It just had to be told sometime!

I heart you sooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooo much mum. God only knows how much I love you.


Jess said...

Your mum sounds like such a fighter! You are lucky to have such a good one :)

Tillie said...

This is awesome. Your mum sounds like an amazingly strong and lovely lady!

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