Tuesday, May 4, 2010


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School. School is:
boring, fun, exiting, stressful, funny, lovely, beautiful, aweful, saddening, happening, weird...

and much more. But guess what? Most of the time school is OK. I can COPE. But at other times (quite a bit) it is stressful. Actually all the time. And we ALWAYS get too much homework. I won't say what grade I', in for safety reasons, but I can say that the homework given in Australia is far too much. We need more 'play time' (e.g. for me that would be sewing, crafting and stuff)

And I have hardly done any more of the quilt since I started. :(
I really should.

So this is a page of the many pages of tests I have to do to get ready for a thing called NAPLAN. ew
Have any luck doing the questions? and, seriously, we have 2 whole tests of these to do, with maybe about 28 questions on each, 40 minutes aloud on EACH test? :(


Anonymous said...

hey bellz u roc
naplan sucs teachers union is striking so maybe it wont go ahead aaaahh i love the smell of rebelion in the evening.
Wanted 2 say u rock and ur my bestie 4 ever cause i luv ur craziness and never stop telling me i'm wrong ( sometimes ur right) im glad ive been able 2 introduce u 2 glee and merlin and im glad i know u xox

Bella said...

aawww k8 you are so lovely! no wonder you wanted me to see this comment... you hardly ever say such things to me! :) and about me saying your wrong, of course it's good to have arguments (erm.... is it really?? and it forms our friendship (right?). Anyway... love you! :)

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