Tuesday, May 11, 2010

kitty snuggles

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good afternoon! How are you?


I think that cat's are the most memorable animals on earth. They cuddle you when you feel down, and I think that they definitely have a sixth sense. They can just 'tell' what someone else is feeling, kind of like vibes.


Getting on with things, I have a bit more time with blogging than usual today. I am home sick (not very though) and didn't know what to do to distract myself from being downright in the dumps. So, I thought "hey, why not write an extra long blog entry with some cute e-scrapbooked pictures?" So... as I was sitting here fiddling around my pussy cat Minoes jumped onto my not-so-warm lap. And started purring. And gripping me tightly on the leg with her paws (minus claws... "I don't wanna hurt you, Bella" she would say) so as not to slip off when I move around a bit. She's used to that. She looked ever so cute, so I decided that that would be what my blog entry would be about today.


***Minoes looking up at me as I make funny squeaking electronic camera noises at her.***

*** Her little paws gripping tightly onto my thighs, as she really doesn't like the feeling of slipping!****** Minoes says "HELLOOOOOO... my eyes are SHUUUT! Please leave me ALONE!"***

so, I must say farewell. I have homework to do! :{ )

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