Monday, May 10, 2010

Good marks and new slippers

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bonjour! I think I may be very good at school. I have been improving my marks from mainly C's (last year) to mainly A's and B+'s! woohoo! This has been making my day, and seeing as I have received marks almost every day, I am in such a happy mood! Hopefully I will upgrade again to a straight A student, then in grade 12 I will get such good marks I could ultimately get a great OP score and do the courses and job I would like to do (occupational therapy). My darling mother bought me the most gorgeous pair of new slippers today that are purple, grey and black check with a little grey ribbon-bow and a crystal in the middle! They are beautiful!
Please ignore the icky, hairy, scaly skin visible in the above picture... ugh! :) anyway... It's nearing 9 o'clock pm and is therefore time to go to bed (my bedtime is around 8:30pm). :) So... I will see you in the future sometime soon or hopefully on this blog again!


P.S I am wanting to do a blog roll where there are little pictures of all my favourite blogs and followers so that my readers can read other people's! So, if you're interested please leave a comment and I may organize for you to email me :{) Thanks,

ox Bella

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