Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It has been a while...

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It's been a while. I find that I may be considered very slack, but when there is nobody reading my blog, what do I care? Haha... writing a blog post in the morning isn't the best time to write on because I haven't yet done ANYTHING. All I can say is that I have eaten a bowl of 'Just Right' with a splodge of delicious mango yogurt - Cole's home brand. It's my sister's tenth birthday today, but we haven't got any presents for her yet... :'( But she is having an Old McDonald's farm come in to our house, and that's about $400 or something!
I will be giving her a home-made butterfly clip holder, that has a ribbon hanging from it.
What fun...

I will write back soon, and hopefully someone will be reading this blog!



kaitlyn michele said...

how was the birthday party? did she have so much fun? and did she like your present? it sounds so super creative and beautiful!

Bella said...

My sister's birthday party was great! she loved it... the animals did too! they were on her lap for most of the afternoon! :)

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