Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mushroom Girl

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Dearest of the Dear Bloggers,

I've had another ICD (if you dont know the meaning, it is Impulsive Creative Desicion) that started just yesterday. I was given a wonderful book from my good friend Louisa, called 'Felties' by Nelly Pailloux. This is just one of the many designs listed. And, very likely, the delightfullest (exuse my bad grammar!).

The beading on the belly of the Mushroom Girl isn't really what it's meant to be; because I jazzed it up a bit and did a kind of 'bohemian' style (if that's how you spell it!). She's a very snoozy character, and seems to love to sleep away, with her beauty in OBVIOUSLY full view, of any upcoming, dashing prince's. Oh, what a lovely story! This wee lil' darl is just too hard to miss. And she has quite a lovely personality too, I must say. But then again, I created her to be what she is! No wonder I quite like her! Hope to see you VERY soon, my lovelies! (and very good friends)...
xoxox Bella

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